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The insiders' take

We asked our members how they feel about Script Yorkshire. This is what they said...

“Opportunities to meet industry experts, chances to have work read or performed, and above all a network of like-minded people who can offer support, guidance, and friendship make Script Yorkshire something special.”


Stephen Brennan

"Script Yorkshire feels like a family to me. I am not able to get to many events but when I do attend it feels like I’ve never been away. Always encouraged, always supported and always welcomed."

Mal Carratt

"I’ve been a member of Script Yorkshire for less than a year but have been along to some very useful workshops and received good advice. The group e-mails and monthly newsletter are informative too. I'm glad I joined!"


Kevin McDonnell

"This year, I believe in part with the confidence I have gained through attending Script Yorkshire workshops, I have taken the plunge and started a part-time MA in creative writing with the Open University. I have chosen scriptwriting as my primary subject."


Sarah Robinson

"Since joining Script Yorkshire recently I’ve attended two excellent and extremely useful workshops aimed at writing for radio, which have complemented my studies at The University of Leeds.


"I’ve got to meet industry professionals with great advice straight from the coal face, which has given me a real insight into the market."


Karen Richardson

"Newscript is a great forum for info and news. I learnt from it that Mikron Theatre were running a scheme for new writers. I got a place on the scheme, but just missed a commission. However, they contacted me about the next season and the result was a commission for a play, which has just finished its 2018 tour round the country. So don't give up! SY is there for you."


Ged Cooper

"I've been a member since 2009, so almost ten years, and have made good friends and found a great deal of support here. SY staged some of my first pieces of work through the BUDS scheme in 2010 and have been very supportive of my work ever since."


Sarah Wallis

"For me, Script Yorkshire is an extended family of like-minded cousins, a reference group for practical advice, and an indispensable resource of top-level workshops by the country’s leading scriptwriters and directors."


David Kennard

"Being a member of Script Yorkshire has developed both my practice as a writer and my confidence.


Having the opportunity to ask questions, discover events, receive support and share in other writers' triumphs helps to keep me focused. It's been a constant on my writing journey for over ten years.


Irene Lofthouse

"The workshops have all been a fantastic insight into different genres and writing tips, as well as the chance to network and share your ideas. It has really helped me to progress with some new work and plan."


Elizabeth Pearson

"Quite simply, Script Yorkshire has made me a better writer."


Award-winning but shy SY member

So what are you waiting for? Come and join us!

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